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Technology Has Revolutionized Eyewear Design

Just go back in time and compare the eyewear of twenty to thirty years back with the choices available now.

Eyewear in the seventies and eighties was heavy and full rimmed, and it was a problem wearing it all through the day since it would often leave red marks on your cheekbones.

Lenses were made of glass, which also added to the weight of the eyewear. Designs were limited, and it was hard to distinguish one from the other because all looked almost the same.

Technology has changed all that. In fact, there is a revolution in the eyewear industry today. These changes have touched upon practically every aspect eye care and eye health.

  • There has been a drastic reduction in the weight of lenses. Instead of the traditional glass lenses, these are now made with extremely light materials such that you hardly feel their weight on your face.
  • Technology has made it possible to make not only lighter, but also thinner lenses. The fact that thin lenses are available has allowed designers to design thinner frames, which lend well to newer styles.
  • One thing led to another, and now, thin frames have allowed for newer materials to be used. The latest eyewear designs are now made from thin metal wires and use extremely lightweight plastics and acetate sheets.
  • Perhaps the biggest revolution has been in style and design. Thin and light lenses have led to the development of an entirely new design concept of rimless and partially rimmed frames. In fact, these are currently the trendiest design in eyewear. You have simply to walk in an eye store or visit one online to see the number of styles and colors available in this category.
  • Another revolutionary change that has occurred in the eyewear industry is in the sphere of lens color. In the past, colored lenses were made from colored glass. You could not buy prescription sunglasses such as these, and you had to use an attachment over your spectacles, which was not only cumbersome, but also looked odd. Today, you can get any type of lenses tinted or colored with the color of your choice. There are also transition lenses that change to sunglasses after being exposed to sunlight.
  • Many advancements in the field of eye protection have come to be. Modern lenses offer complete UV protection, and polarized lenses shield your eyes from sharp sunlight that reflects from water and other reflective surfaces.

The effect of technology on eyewear does not end here. Thinner and lighter lenses and sleek designs mean that even people with strong prescriptions or unique eye problems can wear stylish sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

It is no wonder that almost every top-end designer label has made an entry in the eyewear segment by offering both prescription glasses and sunglasses. However, that does not mean that you have to spend a bomb on designer eyewear if you want quality. The new brands entering the market offer products that are equally good and have all the modern features. These are available at a huge discount as well.

Source by Jon Lee Clark

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