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The Secrets of Low-Cost Sports Sunglasses

ZZ Top summed it up best: “The choice is up to you ’cause they come in two classes: Rhinestone shades or cheap sunglasses”

These days, most of us can’t afford the high price of top-name sunglasses; yet many people think that cheaper alternatives are too “risky”, and they pay the higher price anyway. The apparent trade-off is between the importance of protecting your eyes (from dirt, the sun’s harmful rays, etc.) and the desire for designer style. It turns out, however, that people’s concerns about low-cost sport sunglasses are based on outdated and mistaken information.

Since the late 1990s, manufacturing processes have improved astronomically. Computer-aided design (CAD) and advanced materials have made it possible to produce even the highest quality sports sunglasses at a very low cost. Consider these recent trends:

1. Style counts: There are so many inexpensive brands these days that model their design on the most up-to-date styles and trends. While it’s always important to buy from a reputable retailer so to guarantee you’re getting the highest quality sunglasses, there are many places you can turn to for sport sunglasses that promise both value and variety in their available styles. It’s easy to find a stylish design you want at a price you can afford.

2. UV protection: Above all, we expect our sports glasses to they protect our eyes. Do low-cost sunglasses guarantee UV protection? Absolutely, and chances are that the sports sunglasses you’re considering are clearly labeled as such. These days it’s hard to find any sunglasses that won’t offer the same UV protection as more expensive designer brands. In fact, many low-cost sports sunglasses go beyond UV protection and also offer polarized lenses too.

3. Quality built in: The most common myth about low cost sunglasses may be that they’re low quality. This is completely not the case. Consider that safety eyewear (usually among the lowest priced sunglasses) must pass stringent regulations and severe impact tests. In the USA, for example, OSHA approves only eyewear that meets ANSI Z87+ standards. Many makers of extreme sports glasses also manufacture safety eyewear, both at a low production cost.

4. The best customer service: Do the big brands care about each customer? Probably not. Instead, it’s the smaller, family-run businesses that pay attention to you and your needs. Lesser known brands literally bend-over backwards to keep their customers satisfied. Nearly all offer a quality guarantee and put their contact information front and center. Some even provide quality 100% risk free customer satisfaction. These small businesses rely on your trust to grow their business, and they want nothing more than for you to be happy with the quality, performance, and value of your sports sunglasses.

5. Low Cost is a bargain: As you can see, you can get a great, quality pair of sports sunglasses without paying designer prices. Designer brands often charge over $200. And what do we pay for? Their name! Imagine owning virtually the same pair of shades for only 10-20% the price. Now that smaller brands have caught-up with designers in quality, sun protection, and customer service, it’s easy to see that low-cost sunglasses are a great bargain.

Source by Tommy Bonacci

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