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Detect The Flaws In Glasses With a Glass Strain Viewer

Defects in glasses demonstrate the poor quality of the product. It is the major problem that the manufacturers in glass manufacturing industries usually face. It is a difficult error to detect with manual inspection especially, in the case of the large size of glasses. The process of manual examination of defects in glasses is very slow and sometimes hard to finds as it is time-consuming and sometimes it is out of the reach of the human vision. The best way to detect the flaws in glasses is making use of glass inspection methodologies such as high-quality of testing instruments that provides much relief to the manufacturers from errors and quality flaws and offers strength to hold a right place in the market offering the best quality of glasses at economical rates to the customers.

Different Ways to detect the defects in Glasses

Numerous testing machines are used to test the quality of the glasses and various properties of glasses. The basic way to detect the defects is manual inspection under normal light whereas modern way to detect the strains of the glasses is to examine the specimens in polarized light. The inspection of glasses under normal light helps to detect the color, appearance, shape and transparency of the product but it is not possible to inspect the stress or strains on the surface of the glasses in normal light. This can be done efficiently by applying the modern way of inspection i.e. Glass Strain Viewer – Polariscope. It is the best and most popular testing machine which is used in testing laboratories of glass manufacturing industries to test the quality and strength of the glasses.

Polarized Light – Best Solution to Examine the Stress Pattern

The Polariscope produces polarized light that helps to define different properties of the test sample. The testing machine helps to measure the defects in the quality of the glasses such as strain, crystallization, bad transparency, water bubble, and many more. It offers the best way to test the quality by examining the stress pattern. Along with the Glass strain viewer, a preform defect chat is used that helps to ascertain the type of defect.

The manufacturers of testing instruments offer different models of Polariscope with customized specifications to fulfill the requirement of the customers. In this manner, the manufacturers can find the best solution for them. The machine is designed mainly for the manufacturers in glass manufacturing units and Preform manufacturing units to test the quality of the products and to analyze the stress pattern of the products. Using the Glass strain Viewer, the manufacturers can surely achieve the level of best quality and can save a lot of time by avoiding the defects.

Source by Kishore Kumar Gupta

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