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One reminder before we jump in today, you can find the first part of our guide on eyeglasses here in which we discussed a brief history of how glasses came to be and some different types of eyeglasses that are considered classics in menswear.

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So how do we determine what style of eyeglasses is right for you?

Well, the first thing we should do is determine your face shape. The shape of your frames must play well with the shape of your face and as you might imagine, a pair of frames that looks good on one man might look completely out of place on another.

To find out what shape you are, you will need more than just a mirror. Ideally, you’ll also have handy a pencil and paper and someone to help you. To begin the measuring process, we’ll start at the forehead measuring across from the widest point. Remember, don’t wrap the tape measure around the curvature of your head. We’re going to be measuring its dimensions as if it were a flat two-dimensional object since that’s essentially how it’s going to be seen when people are looking at you. The tape measure should only be touching one point on your head like a line tangent to a circle. Write down the number you measured for your forehead, it goes without saying that we’ll be writing down all of these numbers so you can compare them at the end of the measuring process to determine your face shape. Next, move downward to measure your cheekbones and then move downwards still to measure your jawline at its widest point. Finally, measure the length of your face by taking the tape measure and placing it vertically, first at the top of your forehead by your hairline and then down to the bottom of your chin. To determine which face shape you have, look at the numbers you’ve got and compare them to the advice we’re about to give for how to spot different face shapes.

First, we’ll talk about oblong faces which in general are longer than they are wide. For the most part, the measurements of your jawline, cheeks, and forehead will all be fairly similar for an oblong face shape. Smaller frames probably aren’t going to do you justice instead you should be going for a larger frame with some thickness to it. Sharp angles and concise lines are going to add some definition to your soft facial features and give you a more masculine look.

Next, we’ll talk about heart-shaped faces. These are basically inverted triangles meaning that you have a smaller more pointed chin in comparison to your cheek and forehead measurements which are wider and roughly about the same. The best frames for you are going to be ones that even out your faces proportions so opt for rimless or semi-rimless frames that are thinner in nature.

Next, we’ll talk about square face. As you might well imagine, these are pretty much as long as they are wide and the edges of your face are probably going to be mostly straight up and down or straight across. In particular, at the jawline, you’re probably going to notice concise sharp corners rather than a more rounded gradual edge. Since you have a distinctive and chiseled face with bold features, you’re going to want round frames that softened the appearance overall.

Next are oval faces which you can also think of as being roughly similar to the shape of an egg. In general, be happy! Having an oval face means that you can wear almost any style of frame with ease.

Next up are rounded faces which are also about as wide as they are long. The difference between a rounded face and a square face is that a rounded face typically has a narrower forehead and a narrower softer jawline. To provide contrasting balance here, opt for something that’s more geometrically shaped

Finally, we’ll talk about diamond-shaped faces. If your face is widest at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and a narrow jawline there’s a good chance that you have a diamond face shape. With this shape, you want to focus on frames that complement your cheekbones but also provide some balance overall.
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