Welcome to Youtube Pat-a-pat Como’s Official Channel.
Have a warm and happy day with Como.
We hope for a beautiful world where everyone cares for one another! Let’s pat-a-pat.

Let’s all sing together!!
Have a warm and happy day with Pat-a-pat Como.

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Children learn fast when they are having fun.
They will have a rich imagination and strengthen creativity while having fun with [Pat a pat Como], as well as learning simple letters, numbers, name of objects and colors with [Como and Toys], [Como and Play], [Como and English] With [Emotion & Feeling with Como], they will learn various emotions such as a joy, surprise and sadness.

Como Kids TV has two goals.
First, we will assure parents to let their children watch the channel with no concerns.
Excluding commercial facts, we provide only educational contents to them.
The other is to provide joyful environment where children can have fun and learn at the same time.
We will present your children the joy of studying by combining education and play.
We are inviting your children to Como Kids TV where interesting adventure and thrilling experience are.
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