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SurelecTV- NICEIC ONLINE CERTIFICATION- Electrical installation certificate

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In this episode I show you what its like to upload a Electrical installation certificate to the NICEIC online certification website.

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All About Lights | How to Install Recessed Lights | This Old House

Electrician Charles Vargas upgrades some ceiling lights. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)
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Shopping List for How to Install Recessed Lights:
– remodeling-style recessed light fixture
– 14/2 nonmetallic electrical cable
– twist-on wire connectors

Tools for How to Install Recessed Lights:
– drill/driver
– 6-inch-diameter hole saw with dust shield
– fish tape
– lineman’s pliers
– screwdriver

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All About Lights | How to Install Recessed Lights | This Old House

Recessed Lighting Installation

In this video, I show you how to convert a single light fixture or ceiling fan in a room to recessed lighting.

Please respect, not fear electricity. If you are not familiar or comfortable working with electric or have any hesitation, hire an electrician! Doing this type of work is at your own risk. My video’s are for entertainment purposes only. They are not meant to be “how to” videos if you are unfamiliar with the topic.

Electrical Installation at Hugh Baird College

Our Electrical Installation courses are for those wanting to become an Electrician, Electronics Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Electrical Installer or Project Manager.

The courses cover all aspects of the industry including electrical installation science, and technology, fault rectification, inspection and testing and will also introduce you to the electrical regulations.

Our courses are taught by tutors who have worked in the construction trade which means they know what they are talking about and can offer you tips and tricks of the trade.

Find out more about our Electrical Installation courses, visit:

Sonnen Battery storage installation for solar panels – uk electrical installation. Smart energy pt2

We take look at the electrical installation for a Sonnen Battery storage system linked to solar panels.

Electrician Sam Featherstone has added this battery storage system to an existing solar installation, which we looked at in a previous video. We start with the Lewden consumer unit and how this is connected and then open up the Sonnen Battery to see what’s inside. We also discuss how the battery system can manage the energy storage for the house using solar energy, feed in tariff and off-peak electricity.

The combination of solar energy, battery storage and electric vehicles is one of the most exciting markets for electricians in the UK.

See the previous video discussing a solar panel installation upgrade using Solaredge technology

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Youtuber Gary Hayers of GSH electrical and electrician Sam Featherstone – Oval Electrical.
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Single Phase Electricity Explained – wiring diagram energy meter

Single phase electricity explained. In this video we learn electrical engineering basics by learning single phase meter wiring diagram. How electricity reaches our homes from the power station, transformer, transmission lines, distribution cables, service head and main fuse, electricity meter, main isolation switch, residual current device and circuit breaker. Electricity basics, how electricity works.


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