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CONSUMER UNIT Installation

There’s nothing more relaxing the tidying a Consumer Unit. Well, I think so anyway.

During the partial rewiring of a small 3 bed home in Carshalton, I started terminating the Wylex 17th edition, amendment 3 Consumer Unit.

It was getting to that point of the job where some of the new circuits could be tested and turned on. Any circuit which wasn’t ready would either be locked off or disconnected from the Wylex Consumer Unit after the video. Not just to be extra cautious but to prevent nuisance tripping of the BSEN61008 RCD modules.

My preferred method of consumer unit installation is to bring my cables in from the rear using large PVC trunking. Why? Because it allows extra circuits to be brought into the consumer unit easily at a later date.

I plan my circuit designation before terminating. Once I’ve written down my circuit layout I will mark all my Line cables using simple tally marks. I space my tally out depending on the number of circuits. Example. If I was working on a 6+6 Consumer Unit and I was marking circuit 8 then the tally would be 6 marks, a gap and then 2 marks. From this I can very easily see that this is the 2nd circuit of the 2nd RCD module. I will wrap my Neutral and CPC cables around my labelled Line cables. From the video, you will see that the last cables to be terminated are the Lines.

Any questions chuck them in the comments chaps 👇

Poorly installed light fittings – Your local Electrician

During my functioning day as an Electrician I see many threats that might conveniently be avoided by utilizing a competent, registered person. In this video clip I show poorly set up light installations that could have created a potentially lethal situation. This could conveniently have actually been prevented by utilizing a proficient and also registered electrical contractor.

Credit Score Orion Williams – Music –