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Elektrik tesisatı duvara nasıl işlenmelidir? How electrical installation is done?


iletişim için


SurelecTV- NICEIC ONLINE CERTIFICATION- Electrical installation certificate

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In this episode I show you what its like to upload a Electrical installation certificate to the NICEIC online certification website.

To view the video in which the certificate relates too, this is the link:

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Installation Video Lighting Installation Exposed System with Shadow Gap from Knauf AMF

The Knauf AMF ceiling system THERMATEX SF Acoustic combines particularly elegant design with excellent acoustic performance.
Naturally, various lights can be integrated into the ceiling.

House wiring Tutorial (Tagalog)( NC 2 Electrical Installation) with English subtitle

Building a simple wiring controlled by 1 location,
Common House wiring in Philippines.
3 way switches wiring:
3 gang switch wiring:

Contact number for any concerns 09655480787

Content sequences
0:00:34- Introduction and Checking
0:06:41- Installation
0:16:25-Checking the Circuit
0:17:52- Testing the Connection
0:18:41-Building 2 Bulb controlled by 1 location

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