Founded in 2003 by two scientists, Zenni Optical has grown from a small, local San Francisco company to one of the largest online optical retailers. They provide affordable eyewear, and offer a wide selection from prescription eyeglasses to custom goggles. Their manufacturing process uses the most current materials and ship directly from their Chinese factory, cutting out the middleman – the Luxottica cartel. I ordered express shipping and never got a shipping notice – but they showed up the day I was about to freak out. Here’s my Zenni Optical online eyeglass buying story.

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Hey guys and girls!!! I went on a zenni optical haul! Bought 4 pairs of glasses and am doing a review on them. Also a small update on two pair that I bought a few years ago. Also letting everyone know how easy it is to return your glasses if you didn’t like them, they were not the right prescription, or whatever other reason it may be. I had the problem of my doctor giving me the wrong prescription. Shipping is actually not bad, seems to take about 2 weeks total after placing the order, may be shorter if you order only one pair. Customer service was great and helpful. Any questions leave a comment and I’ll respond asap!

When you go to your eye doctor do not leave until your are satisfied with the end result! Make sure you are not sleepy, hungover, sick, have dry eyes, or have a headache, because any one of those factors can mess with your eyes and in the end you will not get the right prescription, order glasses that you can not see out of and have to return them. I had to get a Re-Check at my clinic, they do them for free. But I had already bought my glasses… Lucky for me Zenni has an amazing 30 day return policy. I did not leave my eye doctor till I knew it was right. Make sure you email your prescription to the zenni customer service so they can go off that, because if THEY make a mistake and they have a copy of your prescription they will give you a full refund right to your debit/credit card. However, if you did not send them your prescription then you get store credit. Because as far as they know you entered it wrong into the computer. I could write a novel but I’m going to stop now! Just ask me if you have any questions! Thanks for watching!

Some differences between authentic genuine Cartier brand glasses and fake/ replicas.

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